How to Mount Your Radar Detector to Your Motorcycle

The main benefit of having a radar detector installed on your motorcycle is that it enables you to win back your freedom of the open road, without the worry of being hassled by the man.

Plastic or Aluminum?

Motorcycle Radar Detector MountSo wouldn’t it make sense to get a mount that can securely hold your radar detector to your motorcycle that isn’t going to crack, bend or come apart on you?

Because of this our Techmount mounting systems are crafted through our patent CNC process right here in the U.S.A., using aircraft grade billet aluminum.

We are so confident in the durability of our mounts that we offer our lifetime snapshot warranty on our mounts against defects in material or workmanship.

So if you ever have a problem with our mounts, just snap a photo of it and text or email it to us. – An industry first.

Ugly vs. Clean

I’m also sure that you take quite of bit of pride in your motorcycle right?

Our various motorcycle mounts are crafted with your make and model motorcycle in mind so they will look like they are a part of your bike, rather then something that was bolted on.

Suction Cup Mounts Lose Suction!

We receive hundreds of horror stories each month from customers who have used those suction cup mounts who ended up damaging their phone, GPS and their cameras because their suction cup had lost its suction and it fell onto the roadway.

So if you value your radar detector as much as we do, one type of mount you should avoid using on your motorcycle are suction cup mounts.

Where to Mount Your Radar Detector

We offer the widest assortment in the world of various mounting systems that include center mounts, control mounts, stem mounts, fairing mounts, handlebar mounts, fork tube mounts and mirror mounts.

Motorcycle Handlebar Radar Detector Mounts

Our most popular radar detector mounts are our handlebar mounts. We have two versions, one fitting handlebars from 7/8” of an inch, to 1 1/4” and then the 1.5″ to 1.75″ version.

You can place your handlebar mount anywhere the entire length of your bars and unlike our competitors handlebar mounts we do not use U-bolts or cheap plastics.

Motorcycle Control Radar Detector Mounts

Our second most popular mounting system is our control mount, which attaches to either the clutch or brake side. To install your control mount all you need to do is remove your factory pinch bolts and replace them with ours.

One clear advantage of selecting the control mount is that on most motorcycles your camera will be to the side of your windshield and your camera is within easy reach.

Install time less then 5-minutes

Motorcycle Mirror Radar Detector Mounts

Our mirror mounts take advantage of the unused mirror hole found on many motorcycles. To install slide the stem into the mirror hole and tighten the screw.

Install time less then 2-minutes

Motorcycle Stem Radar Detector Mounts

A very popular mounting system for BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha motorcycles is our stem mounting system.

Just slide one of your corresponding stem mounts into the fork tube of your motorcycle and attach your GPS cradle.

Install time is less then 30 seconds!

Motorcycle Fork Tube Radar Detector Mounts

Another popular option for sport bike riders are our fork tube mounts.

To install slide the mounting clamp over one of your fork tubes, which protrude over the triple clamp.

Install time less then 2-minutes

Motorcycle Fairing Radar Detector Mounts

Our fairing mounts are our most popular mounting systems for our Harley-Davidson riders with Bat-Wing fairings.

Requires drilling of three holes into the fairing.

Install time less then 20-minutes

Center Radar Detector Mounts

Our Center mounts attach to the upper handlebar assembly of Kawasaki Concourse 14, Can-Am Spyder, BMW RT or BMW GT mounts.

Install time less then 7-minutes

Interchangeability Options

Another benefit of our unique Techmount GEN4 system is the interchangeability options you’re afforded.

Want to swap out your radar detector for your cellphone or GPS?

No problem!

Just unscrew your detector and screw on your phone or GPS adapter and in less than 30 seconds your done.

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