The Benefits of Installing Your Cellphone to Your Motorcycle

Just think about all the neat things you can do with your cellphone while riding:

  1. You can see who is calling you while riding without waiting to pull over to the side of the road.
  2. You can listen to your music
  3. You can use it as a camera and/or video camera while riding
  4. You can use it as a GPS to navigate to unfamiliar locations

The TechGripper Cell Phone & GPS Gripper

TechGripper-iPhoneThe TechGripper provides an 18-pound per inch grip using stainless steel springs and a lightweight resin polymer resin from DuPont called Delrin, which has the strength of steel.

The result is the strongest and most secure personal device holder in the motorcycle mounting industry with a grip range of 2 to 4.2”, enabling you to mount your cellphone, GPS, MP3 and many other personal electronic devices to your motorcycle.

This will enable you to listen to your music, use the GPS capabilities of your phone, shoot video or photos and even safely take and receive phone calls through your Bluetooth device while riding.

The TechGripper interfaces with our Techmount brand of motorcycle mounts, which are crafted from aircraft grade billet aluminum through our patent CNC process right here in the USA.

Where to Mount Your Cellphone

We offer the widest assortment in the world of various mounting systems that include center mounts, control mounts, stem mounts, fairing mounts, handlebar mounts, fork tube mounts and mirror mounts.

Handlebar Mounts

Our most popular cellphone mounts are our handlebar mounts. Our handlebar mounts are available in either chrome or black and fit handlebars from 7/8” of an inch, to 1 1/4”. You can place your handlebar mount anywhere the entire length of your bars and unlike our competitors handlebar mounts we do not use U-bolts or cheap plastics.

Install time less then 5-minutes

Control Mounts

Our second most popular mounting system is our control mount, which attaches to either the clutch or brake side. To install your control mount all you need to do is remove your factory pinch bolts and replace them with ours.

Install time less then 5-minutes

Stem Mounts

Our most popular option for BMW. Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha sport bikes are our stem mounts. Just slide in one of our corresponding stem mounts into the fork tube of your motorcycle; attach your gripper and your done! And unlike our competitors stem mounts you don’t need to use electrical tape to hold your mount in place as our stem mounts have high grade rubber brushings to hold your mount firmly in place.

Install time less then 2-minutes

Mirror Mounts

Our mirror mounts take advantage of the unused mirror hole found on many motorcycles. To install slide the stem into the mirror hole and tighten the screw.

Install time less then 2-minutes

Fork Tube Mounts

Another popular option for sport bike riders are our fork tube mounts. To install slide the mounting clamp over one of your fork tubes, which protrude over the triple clamp.

Install time less then 2-minutes

Fairing Mounts

Our fairing mounts are our most popular mounting systems for our Harley-Davidson riders with Bat-Wing fairings.

Requires drilling of three holes into the fairing.

Install time less then 20-minutes

Center Mounts

Our Center mounts attach to the upper handlebar assembly of Kawasaki Concourse 14, Can-Am Spyder, BMW RT or BMW GT mounts.

Install time less then 7-minutes

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